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If you served your country you could be eligible for a Veteran Hearing Fund grant for free PREMIUM SPECIFICATION digital hearing aids AND accessories.

The Veterans Hearing Fund is a part of the British Legions Veteran’s Medical Fund programme, which was set up to provide support for veterans with hearing loss and serious physical injury.


The Veteran Hearing Fund grant is a two stage application process

If you need help with either stage please do not hesitate to contact us

Stage 1 – Eligibility Application

First, the Veterans Hearing Fund team need to verify the applicant is eligible to apply, and that their hearing loss is military-service related.

The criteria being:

  • In receipt of a war pension or armed forces compensation scheme for your hearing loss?
  • Received a lump sum payment for your hearing loss?
  • Applied for compensation for your hearing loss, even if this was refused?
  • Provided hearing aids by the MOD?
  • Have service medical records that show hearing loss?

Please complete and submit the ‘Stage 1 Eligibility Form’ to start an application.

If none of the above criteria apply to the applicant then the Veterans Hearing Fund team ask that the applicant obtain their medical service records so that their hearing test results from their service period can be assessed. There are often times that the service records don’t include any hearing test results, and in this case the Veterans Hearing Fund team would provisionally approve the eligibility.

Complete the Medical Records SAR form too in this instance.

More information on the Veterans Hearing Fund here


mick“I have recently been supplied with some Resound Linx 3D hearing aids and a TV Streamer. I have to say I am over the moon. The process was easy and i was helped each step of the way. It took a few months but really was worth the wait. I can’t believe it was all provided free out of the Veteran Hearing Funding – I am so grateful and I recommend others to try and overcome their own hearing disability with the funding whilst it is available. It has changed my life.”

Mick Potter

93 (le cateau) Battery, 25th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery.

Stage 2 – Final Stage Application

Once the stage 1 application is approved the Veterans Hearing Fund team send the applicant the ‘Stage 2 Final Application’ form.

It is the applicant’s choice which Hearing Centre / Audiologist they choose to assist them with filling in the form but Crystal Hearing can support you in this process.

The Hearing Centre / Audiologist will need to complete the form in consultation with the applicant and prepare a recommendation for hearing aids, accessories, and other therapies (for example tinnitus counselling), along with costs and reasons for their recommendation.

If the applicant’s eligibility was ‘Stage 1 provisionally approved’ it will also be required by their chosen Hearing Centre / Audiologist to advise whether they feel the hearing loss was most likely caused through noise exposure.

The Veterans Hearing Fund team will confirm receipt of the Stage 2 Final Application form once received. This is then reviewed by the Veterans Hearing Fund Panel. The applicant would be advised of the decision in due course; this can take a number of months in reality.

If successful, the applicant will then liaise with their chosen Hearing Centre / Audiologist to be supplied with the recommended hearing aids (and accessories or therapies if applicable), and the Hearing Centre / Audiologist will send an invoice to the Veterans Hearing Funds for payment.

The applicant is NOT to pay for anything themselves if pursuing a successful grant – the Veterans Hearing Fund cannot reimburse any payments made by the applicant to the Hearing Centre.

More information on the Veterans Hearing Fund here

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